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Nite Star Life Awareness carries a wide range of products to suit a variety of nutritional needs. Our most popular products are shown below. As we carry such a wide range of products and have access to many that we do not regularly stock, we cannot list all of them on this site. Please call or e-mail for more information on products, promotions, or special needs.

A.S.O.--Activated Stabilized Oxygen

One of our most sought after products...Researched and formulated by Dr. Stephen Krauss, ASO has been our "flagship" product for over 20 years. ASO

is a non-hydrogen peroxide formula of liquid oxygen, so therefore, does not upset the natural PH levels of the body.

Nite Star carries ASO in 3 formulas:

1: Professional Formula, (25%) Great for everyday use for human consumption.

2: Therapeutic Formula, a 35% grade formula recommended for 30 day, extra strength use only.

3: Animal Strength: One that we are so happy to have, is that of the "Pet Formula." We have seen such amazing results with the animals and this formula as animals are so sensitive to "synthetic" drugs and respond so well to this natural blend with no ill side-effects.

PUR*NOSE™ : Cold & Allergy Relief:


When colds or allergic reactions set in, the sinus membranes swell and irritation, itching and increased stuffiness (mucus build-up) occur.

Now, for the first time, relief is possible in a natural, drug free, unique and proprietary blend of saline, polyatomic tetraoxygen molecules and phyto-ionic

(plant-derived) zinc.

PUR*NOSE-Oxygenated saline nasal spray with zinc, has no side effects, nor negative interactions with other drugs, so it can be used alone, or in conjuction with other medications to aid in relief and healing.

When used regularly, PUR*NOSE helps to improve breathing, helps the mucous membranes, filters out harmful irritants, improves the sense of smell and reduces bad breath.

* Gentle enough for infants.

* Alcohol free, drug free.

* Contains bio-available oxygen.

* Child-size nasal applicator.

* Safe for frequent daily use.

* Natural, non-medicated relief for stuffy noses, with no side-effects.

* Instantly sooths dry nasal passages.

* Enhanced with Ionic Zinc.



Distilled Water, ASO, Activated Oxygen, Sodium Chloride, Phyto*Ionic LTSM, Zinc.

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