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Facilitated by: " Dr. Bee" a.k.a. Dr. Brandy L. Howe, DD

Three fun and fact-filled presentations on the magic, myth, fun and folklore of the fairies and other magical beings…  

Meet Your Fairies—1 Contact—Here we will look at the “Magical View”of life. We will look at Fairy behavior, habitat, where to find them, how to attract them, along with the best times to meet them. We will share methods of attraction with the best herbs, food, stones and essences that they are fond of. This will be the first in a series of work/playshops, where we can bring in the magic and knowledge of how to build fairy gardens and potions that will allow them to come to us easily. This is the time that they have been waiting for!  

Working With Your Fairies—“Bringing In The Magic!” In this work/playshop you will open up to the fairy energy within you and discover the different approaches to “Working with the Fairies.” We will “Bring in the Magic” with Fairy Rituals and Magical Recipes, including, but not limited to: Creating Fairy Rings, Planting a Fairy Garden, Creating a Fairy Amulet & working with Fairy Stones. If you are anxious to further connect with your Fairies and bring more magical experiences into your life, this is an experience you do not want to miss.  

Fairy Prosperity Playshop!

In these “changing” times, the Fairies have returned to help us to

find our joy, our peace and are here to help us to

“Re-Member” the power

that we have to manifest infinite abundance!

Join us for a one hour playshop with Dr. Brandy and the Fairies

where you will be given powerful “Magikal” rituals and

“the secret” from the Fairies to manifest all of your heart’s desires.

As long as your wishes are for the highest good of all and do not

come from greed; if you are willing to “Do And Give Unto Others

As You Would Have Them Do And Give Unto You,”

are kind to the animals, nurture the Earth….

and of course, leave the Fairies some cake!...

Then the Fairies are willing to help you, guide you and

share their Special Magic with you.

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