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Animal Intuitive Workshops:

Level 1: Introduction to Animal Communication

Level 2: Introduction to Crystal Healing & Hands-On Healing for Animals

Level 3: Reiki, Energy Balancing Techniques & Vibrational Medicine for Animals

Level 4: Aromatherapy, Flower Remedies & Natural Supplementation for Animals

***Level 5: Animal Intuitive Communication & Energy Balancing as a Profession; Certificate of Completion through Nite Star Life Awareness.

Levels 1 & 2: $40.00

Levels 1 & 2: $40.00

Level 5 : $250.00

More Classes With Dr. Brandy

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Crystal Healing For Beginners


Awakening To Your Psychic Pathway


Meet Your Fairies--1st Contact


Working With Your Fairies---

"Bringing In The Magic!"


 "Fairy Prosperity Playshop!"


"Busy Bees In The Light"

Metaphysics & Arts & Crafts

For Children Ages 4-11!  


Be sure to check our events schedule, as we will be offering

classes in many different locations.

 As Dr. Brandy, a.k.a., "Dr. Bee",

I say "Namaste'" to all of you.

I ask that you remain in your Joy, your Peace and your Love,

for all that is good and for the Highest Joy and Good of All.

Re-member that where you are being led, is because:

"You have been led here for a reason!"

It is with Love and Joy that I say:

"Be worthy my children,

let go of your fears!"

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